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Blessings and Beads

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For most of my adult and married life, I worked full time (and at times two jobs and/or worked and went to school), so  I never really took the time to cultivate a hobby.  A couple of years ago, that all changed when I was laid off from my job.

My husband and I decided to homeschool our two children, and I now I only work a couple of days a week outside our home.  We live on a tight budget, but I LOVE being a (mostly) stay-at-home mom!

So now, in my “spare time” I enjoy making beaded jewelry. This is a fairly new endeavor for me, but I truly enjoy creating new pieces.  I love combining colors and textures for a unique look.

I make many of the items as gifts, but I also sell several pieces. It would be a blessing to my family if you purchase any of the items below. If you have any questions at all about any of the items, please email me at

Red/White Chevron Bracelet
Red/White Chevron Bracelet $8.95







Purple/White Chevron Bracelet $8.95
Purple/White Chevron Bracelet $8.95







Blue/White Chevron Bracelet $8.95
Blue/White Chevron Bracelet $8.95








Brown/Gold Chevron Bracelet $8.95
Brown/Gold Chevron Bracelet $8.95


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